Below is a collection of some of our favorite pictures of our favourite gangster – Carl Freer.

Thank you to all of you that have sent us images.  Keep ’em coming and we will publish when appropriate.

In particular we enjoy the trans pics, closely followed by the Adult Baby Spanking Pics.  The one with Carl in a Crib wearing only Diapers and Sucking on a Bottle had us rolling in the floor laughing.

Carl Freer Convinced the Sheik That He Had Been An ABBA Backing Singer In Their Heyday, And Had Written Most Of The Lyrics
Carl Freer Loves to Role Play, And Here He Is Playing His Favourite Character From The Shining. Let Us Know Who You Think That Is – Winner Gets A Night With Carl.
Carl Freer – Fraudster. Growing a Beard So He Would Look Just Like The Sheik









Carl Freer Gets Ready For A Trans Night. We Also Have A Photo Of Him In Diapers With A Bottle And About To Be Spanked


Unknown To Most Of Our Readers, Carl Freer Is In Fact a World Renowned Wine Connoisseur Responsible For All The Purchasing Decisions Made By Harrods. As A Humanitarian He Freely Shares His Expertise With The Ladies Of The Sheiks Harem















Carl Freer – Criminal