Colourful? Crazy? Criminal? – Carl Freer

You have met – or dealt with – Carl Freer.  What did you think at first – and what do you know now?  

Were you bewitched by him – bamboozled – impressed – flattered – honoured – inspired – awestruck – dumbstruck – incredulous – outraged – amused – bemused – angry – entertained – horrified – . . .? (Link)

You really owe it to yourself to do some proper due diligence on the man – many haven’t – many have lost everything – people and institutions – some are broke – some feel violated.  Very few – if any – feel love. (See what happened to a top UK law firm)

If you do nothing else you should at least read these articles on Carl Freer.  They are brilliantly written by an expert wordsmith.  Compelling – enthralling – fast paced – hilarious – satisfying.

It is in 7 parts.  When you click through on the first link, you can link to each successive story from there.  Or you can come back here and link to the part you want.

I include a short summary of each part.  These are no substitute for the real thing – more like an index really – something you can come back to and ask, “Now where was the bit about him threatening to kill those investors on the boat?”

They were written by Nicholas Stetcher, and featured in “The Drive.”   Read them – great stuff.

Part 1: The weird, wild saga of Gizmondo

The fiery crash of a Ferrari enzo exposes a billion dollar scam


One of the most famous crash photos ever


Get ready for side splitting laughs.  Somehow this limited edition, 2 seater classic car gets totalled on a Malibu highway. There are two people on the scene – one says he was passenger in the Ferrari and that the driver has run off into the hills.  The second person says he was a passenger in another car that stopped to see if anyone was injured, and which them drove off leaving him there.

One totalled super-car – 2 dazed passengers – no one willing to take any responsibility . . .  Can one draw parallels between car crashes and business ventures?

As Nicolas Stetcher says, The idea that two men would be found at the scene of a two-seat, single vehicle accident, and that both would claim to be passengers, was met with skepticism. Still, officers were dispatched into the hills to search . . .”

The opening paragraph reads

“It was an unprecedented multinational scam that burned investors from London to Los Angeles. How did a Swedish gangster end up overseeing a billion-dollar tech firm? And where did all the money go? Read The Drive’s 7-part series to find out how a late-night car crash in Malibu led to the collapse of a shady Swedish syndicate.”

Remember our story – Cops and Robbers – about how Carl Freer “acquired” a Police Badge and became ‘part of US Law Enforcement?”

Well – – –    “As Officer Huelson was interviewing witnesses, a blacked-out Hummer H2 rolled up. Two men in suits leaped out and started flashing what appeared to be Department of Homeland Security badges. They claimed jurisdiction and insisted on an immediate interview with [one of the “passengers”].

In this first part of the story we are also introduced to Carl Feer’s amazing eloquence.

 “After having been found guilty of fraud, sentenced to 18 months probation and fined 200,000 Euros, the “underworld” decided to pay him a visit.”

As Nicolas Stetcher explains,

“. . . perhaps the most telling aspect of this origin tale is Carl Freer’s masterful skills of oratory persuasion. 

“Somehow, in the face of imminent underworld pressure, he managed to not only avoid punishment [liquidation] completely, but actually twisted the situation to his benefit—inverting possible mob justice into a business opportunity.”

““[Freer] has a tremendous verbal capacity,” Swedish investigator Kjell Soderberg is quoted as saying in a Los Angeles Times feature. “He could sell sand in the Sahara and refrigerators to Eskimos.””

Part 2:  Too much money for normal business

The currency this time is glamour.

This part covers the incredible flop that was Gizmondo, and details how Carl Freer handled his investors’ money.

“In 2004, Gizmondo opened a high-profile flagship store on London’s exclusive Regent Street. They spared no expense. The rent was $300,000 a year and the store was built to entertain: top-to-bottom black marble, $750,000 worth of state-of-the-art 3D TVs, $48,000 of Bang & Olufsen phones and cameras, numerous bars, and a sound system worthy of a mega-club. Even the toilets were lined with Swarovski crystals. The men of Gizmondo were literally taking a shit atop their investors’ contributions.”

Ever wondered why some of these investors have been so gullible – so easily fooled?

One of the ‘Ladies of the Night’ explains the Carl Freer technique of relieving investors of the burden of their money . . .  as she explains how the girls, the celebs, the lifestyle were used to manipulate them.

“This is what their trick was: to have all the girls, have the drinks, have the riches. And these investors are businessmen who don’t get out of the office much, and suddenly they’re surrounded by this amazing sort of movie star lifestyle, with girls who they couldn’t imagine talking to, let alone having drinks with. If men are shown a lifestyle that they can’t achieve by themselves then I think they’re gonna be persuaded, definitely.” 

As Nicolas says, “These investors clearly weren’t just buying into a company’s balance sheet, they were buying into a lifestyle that they’d only ever seen from afar, from across the vast chasm of the velvet rope.”

The article also explains how Carl Freer paid his employees.  Very clever.  They had the illusion of great wealth – the reality being they owned nothing.

Read the article.

Part 3:  Following the Money Off a Cliff

When it comes to chucked money, destroying a $1M Ferrari Enzo is a drop in the bucket

This really is an important segment – and if you read no others you should at least read this.

In the first two parts we have seen where Carl came from and how he suckered investors into parting with their money in the false belief that they were buying into the glamorous lifestyle he was showing them.

Here we are introduced to the inner workings – the actual mechanics of fraud.

“On the outside we looked like a professional company, but on the inside the company was just in shambles; we’d do a deal with anybody, but we wouldn’t follow through with it,” says “Anthony” (not his real name), a marketing executive who worked directly under Eriksson and Freer. “Everything Carl did was about press releases. That’s how we made our money, by pumping and dumping the stock on the exchange. Everybody was ready to do business with us. We paid [Universal] $100,000 initially for content; we did a deal with MTV, then released the press release and wouldn’t follow through with the deal. Simply because we wanted the press release to ten-fold our shares.”

. . .  “A deal soon began brewing with Microsoft, which was in talks to provide games for the Gizmondo device. Anthony claims that before the contracts were even signed Freer had forged the signature of Ed Ventura, head of Microsoft Gaming Studios, and showed it to investors to get them to dump even more money.”

To find out how this escalated into a billion dollar fraud you need to read the article.

Part 4:  Retribution for a Thief

The Torpedo Hits and Gizmondo takes a hit

Meet the enforcement arm – and tactics.

This part introduces you to the violence used to keep people in line – investors who don’t pay – anyone ‘pulling a fast one.’   Who defines what a ‘fast one’ is – they would never do this to you would they?

It also describes how Carl Freer bought up his own failed product to show extraordinary sales figures, while at the same time making sure the device did not get into real consumer hands where it would be exposed.

Part 5:  Coming to America

Violence – both real and threatened – on Santa Monica Bay

With Gizmondo collapsing – fraud becoming very obvious to everyone – Carl decides to go to the USA.

Thanks for your support

He buys a $5.9 Million mansion, a Gulf Jet Stream 4 and a 110-foot Palmer Johnson yacht, for $14 Million, named Brigatta.   His business partners spend investor money similarly.

Here the real violence starts – the boat – the guns – the sharks.

This is where you see the real Carl Freer.

Part 6:  In with the New

As the walls close in, cocaine becomes a problem

Forced into resigning from Gizmondo – criminal investigations under way – a new venture – scam – Xero Mobile.

Impersonating law enforcement – living the dream – the start of serious paranoia.

Part 7:  Enzo’s last ride

The party is over – arrests – time to move on – new scams – new places.

The concluding part of the story ties it all together  – more guns – more crimes – it doesn’t seem to stop.




New Lawsuit against Carl Freer and Aluminaid – aka Advanced First Aid Research PTE Ltd – AFAR of Singapore

It is not for this site to pronounce Carl Freer guilty of fraud in relation to Aluminaid – that is for the courts to do.

NOTE:   We have received a request to clarify, and we do so because it is our gift –   “As at this time, Carl Freer is no longer associated and/or involved with Advanced First Aid Research Pte Ltd at all.”

An Interesting New Lawsuit. Excerpts are included below.

Carl Freer, along with all the other defendants, is of course innocent until proven guilty.  Please bear that in mind as you read the complaint – which was filed on 23 March 2017. Click this link to see the whole suit:  TERRENCE WYLES v AFAR PTE LTD & others.  (Mr Wyles was a lawyer working for Carl Freer – not the first to be scammed nor the last.)

Among the claims is that Carl Freer looted his US company (Aluminaid Inc) for his own personal gain and also illegally transferred assets to Aluminaid PTE Ltd a Singapore company (renamed Advanced First Aid Research PTE Ltd aka AFAR). If you are a shareholder in this company you should read the complaint.

The calculation of damages stands at $3.6 Million – if proven.

Whatever the merits of the case, it provides a fascinating insight into how a Carl Freer company operates – its alleged that he co-mingled Company funds to pay for his expensive lifestyle – no doubt, Carl Freer will have a substantive answer to the allegations – but they are being put forward by his own company’s in-house attorney.

The 86 page complaint is filed by Terrence Wyles – he served as in-house counsel for Aluminaid Inc.

Mr. Terrence Wyles can be contacted on (303) 880-0884 or to confirm the details of his complaint.

Read the Statement of Facts in the Aluminaid Case

It’s a long lawsuit – full of interesting allegations – if you can’t read it all, at least read these excerpts below and get a flavour of what is alleged.


22.  Plaintiff is an attorney, duly licensed to practice in Colorado, and before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the U.S. District Court in Colorado, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth and Federal Circuits.

23.  Plaintiff was engaged by Defendant Carl Freer to be Chief In-House Counsel for the Defendant Corporations, as well as undertake Intellectual Property representation.

24.  Initially, the Plaintiff signed an Employment Agreement in May of 2012.  At the insistence of, and based on the fraudulent inducements by, Defendant C. Freer, in October 2012 in was subsequently released in favor of the Agreement set forth in the first claim for relief below.

25.  At all times during Plaintiff’s employment, in addition to being directed by Officers and Directors of the Aluminaid entities, he was directed by and did work at the direction of Defendant Carl Freer, which work and effort was ratified by the Officers and Directors of the Defendant Corporations.

26.  The assets of the Defendant Corporations, including cash, accounts, equipment, and individual property, have been fraudulently transferred ro Aluminaid PTE, Ltd.; Zuperfoods, Inc.; the individual Defendants Carl Freerm James Huntm Allen Sussman, David Warnock, Alex Arendt, Julia Freer, and Adam Freer.

27.  Between February, 2012 and January, 2013, Defendants, through West Hills Research & Development, Inc. and through one or more of the corporate officer Defendants, and with the knowledge of the other corporate officer Defendants, misappropriated Defendant Corporation funds that include spending $17,100.40 in personal grocery shopiing; $88,832.92 in personal retail shopping; $55,440.99 in personal-services treatments that included visits to spas and hypnotists and personal legal services; $112,883.39 in miscellaneous non-business-related entertainment expenses that included trips to Disneyland, various concerts, and many expensive restaurant dinners; $108,527.28 in personal vehicle expenses that included motorcycle detailing, private limos, and auto leases; $345,076.82 in miscellaneous and unexplained funds withdrawals from corporate bank accounts, including ATM withdrawals, cash withdrawals, and cashed checks, often at different bank branches on the same day; $12,183.45 in numerous bank charges for insufficient funds and/or collection-service charges; $1,012,713.20 in unexplained bank-wire transfers to persons and/or entities that were not associated with business of the Defendant Corporations; $37,883 in unexplained bank-wire transfers to Defendant Aja Reynolds; $100,261.00 in unexplained bank-wire transfers to Defendent James Hunt; $108,100.00 in unexplained bank-wire transfers to Defendant Zuperfoods Inc. and/or Defendant Ericka Freer; and $247,040.00 in unexplained payments to Beverly Loan Company (a high end pawn broker).

28.  Set forth in detail below are transactions in which Defendants are responsible for the looting of at least approximately $2.24-million from the funds of the Defendant Corporations between approximately February 1, 2012 and January 31, 2013. Upon information and belief Defendants’ fraudulent transfers exceed those and include others not listed herein.

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Carl Freer Donation Scam Applied To Georgia Tech

He just had to do the King’s Medical Trust donation scam on Georgia Tech

After successfully scamming the King’s Medical Research Trust with the promise of a large donation that was never to be realised, Carl Freer had to do the donation scam again – why not – worked once and so should work again.  Promise lots of money – lots of press releases about your largess and generosity – use the improved reputation to dupe gullible investors to further your own ends – keep the lie alive by continuing to claim to be a philanthropist.

This time it was to be a sizeable donation to Georgia Tech for research into augmented reality – false reality/augmented reality – is there a difference in Carl Freer’s mind?

Here is $5 Million for research – Oh, it didn’t materialise – well that’s the harsh reality – but why not augment that reality and see if you can’t make it simply appear  – Can’t do that? – can’t magic money out of thin air?  – Carl can – he made a $5 Million donation to you and you bought it – or was that just an illusion?

The story of this generous and benevolent donation is oft told by the media – more often told by Mr Freer – when he is trying to impress new victims investors.

No Due Diligence with Carl Freer . . .  Get Stained

It is not as though Carl Freer was an unknown gangster in 2008.  Simple due diligence would have revealed enough of his past crimes – arrests – failings – theft – to raise a red flag or two – and yet Georgia Tech – a proud and highly regarded institute – which hadn’t received enough money to even buy a bottle of detergent – was left trying to scrub out the stains of its association with Carl Freer.

That is the problem with stains – they don’t come out – that is why they are called stains.

If you don’t want to be Freer stained, do some due diligence on Carl.  Confirm the above – contact Georgia Tech and ask them about his donation scam.

Georgia Institute of Technology,  North Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30332,  Phone: 404-894-2000

Here are some links and excerpts thereof.

Media Power Inc. (A Carl Freer Company) Donates US$5 Million for Augmented Reality Research at Georgia Tech.

“Augmented Reality is one of the most exciting technologies available today. Thus far, it has only existed in the research lab. It is our intention to commercialize the technology and make it available to the public at large. Augmented Reality offers us the opportunity to create an entirely new advertising paradigm,” said Carl Freer, Media Power Co-Founder and Visionary.

About Media Power Inc

Media Power Inc is a unique tech company that develops consumer and business products based on Augmented Reality technology (AR) and other advanced systems. Media Power has two divisions: Magitech and, and provides a range of high-tech goods and marketing services for several clients. For more information visit

Another link


Summary: Carl Freer condemned by the courts as a serial fraudster and a liar – guilty of deception on grand scale – decides to repeat the donation scam on Georgia Tech – this story is often repeated within the media – the final verdict was they received nothing.


Is He Inflicted With the Self-Imposed Disease of Insatiable Megalomania?

Not much is genuine about Carl Freer
Welcome to my Web

Imagine being a megalomaniac – trying to build a company of your own –  failing miserably.  Imagine realising that you simply do not have what it takes to envision, create, manage and build something – but you are a megalomaniac.

You have choices.  Learn from your mistakes, roll your sleeves up and try again; persevere and overcome until you do, truly, succeed.  Or, scam and steal from those who are successful.

If your every waking moment was consumed by an overwhelming compulsion to be rich, powerful, admired, respected, famous, and feared . . .   What if you thought these things were your right – not something you earned?  What choice to make?  Which do you think Carl Freer made?

Despite having no formal education, Carl Freer can nonetheless sound like he does. He can expound upon the intricacies of company finances – disgorging a complicated tangle of facts – figures, names and relationships all designed to bamboozle his audience – guide them to total non-comprehension.

Once you are in the centre of his web he will pull all the right strings and convince you that he is a victim of Internet black PR.

Carl Freer Scams the King’s Medical Research Trust

Here is one example.  He will inform you that only individuals of substance are invited to become members of the Board of Trustees for King’s Medical Research Trust – and then say that he is such a person.

Except – he promised a $6 million donation – Trustee appointment documents were prepared – the Trust’s brochures and letterhead revised to include Carl Freer’s name – the terms of his appointment and the size of his donation took some time to negotiate – unsurprisingly he never sent the donation – he never signed the trustee documents – yet he claims to be a Trustee.  (He later repeated this scam on Georgia Tech University and Canterbury University in New Zealand.)

It became clear subsequently that they had not considered it necessary to conduct careful research into Carl Freer’s background  – an astonishing lapse on their part.  A lapse that too many others seem to have had too.

The Carl Freer Stain Does Not Wash Out

This prestigious institution is forever stained with his association with the convicted fraudster Carl Freer.

The highly regarded Sunday Times newspaper reported that Carl Freer had lied to boost his reputation by publicly announcing that he was a Trustee on the Board of Kings Medical Research Trust.

The below link shows that in 2005 – years after the fact of his having fooled the King’s Medical Research Trust – he still claimed to be a trustee.  These are official documents filed in the USA.  Page 20.  This is the relevant excerpt.

“Mr. Freer, age 35, has served as Chairman since August 2004 and has been Managing director of the Company’s Gizmondo Europe Ltd. subsidiary based in the UK since summer of 2003. He was the founder in 1999 of Eagle Eye Scandinavian Ltd. that was acquired by the Company in February 2002. He founded and served as Sales Director of ARE Media AB, a private media sales company in Stockholm, a Director of Performance Films SA, a film production company in Malaga, Spain and a Director of Rivera Auto Forum, a specialty auto dealership in Cannes, France.  Mr. Freer is a director of WEG Entertainment and a trustee of several charities, including Kings Medical Research Trust.”

The next link, to a puff piece for him, claims that Carl Freer is still a trustee.  It is dated March 2017.

This is what this one says:

“Carl Freer is a person who is supporting charity and public services very much. He has provided aid to people in various fields including the medical and education. Carl Freer was a Director of WEG Entertainment and holds the position of a trustee of several charities, including the Kings Medical Research Trust. As a victim of Internet defaming, Carl Freer is trying hard to retain his power and trust among others. He is providing his services on charity and other services in technology fields now also.”  

Please do your own due diligence.  This is Charity Number  200539.  You can see who the Trustees are.  You will find phone numbers to call and ways to contact the trust – where you can verify if Carl Freer is, or ever was, a Trustee.

The Blind Gullible Leading the Gullible Blind

Carl Freer is neither a successful businessman nor a pillar of morality.  He preys on the gullible.

A Master illusionist, he makes an Investor see things that do not exist – with all the right buzz words – a man of tremendous charm, which helps explain why so   
many people are drawn to him – Some seem to have been mesmerised by him, talking about him almost as if he were a religious figure.

Carl Freer’s most important props are not the fancy offices, expensive clothes and watches, nor the financial/technological jargon that spills from his mouth – but his most valued assets/props are respectable and/or wealthy associations – Carl skilfully manipulates the expectations and beliefs of the new Investors which he has targeted – They see the associations as friends/supporters – if men and women like this are behind Carl Freer and his new business, it has to be a solid investment.

When the deceptions are exposed some of these companies turn out to be artfully contrived business plans; some with front men, some with non-existing capital, and some with profits manufactured out of thin air.  It is an optical illusion, a mirage in the desert. Link

Carl Freer’s American Companies

This is a list of his American companies for those amongst you who value due diligence –

With the rate of failure of the above named companies Investors should be sceptical regarding Carl Freer‘s new companies – especially those which claim to predict future stock market and commodity movements – Watstock PTE. Ltd, Watopedia PTE. Ltd and Intelligentia PTE. Ltd.    All are registered companies in Singapore and open to public inspection by using the ACRA Singapore Business Database.

Check  them out yourself here:


Cops and Robbers – How a Convicted Felon Became a Policeman

Convicted FelonCarl Freer made donations to the SGVTA (San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority) under its non-profit corporate status. This was not a matter of civic duty or even altruism –  he needed to impress and gain respectability.  Eventually he purchased it, and it then issued him with a Police Badge.

Carl Freer allegedly presented his SGVTA Police Badge to identify himself as a civilian member of the SGVTA’s police department.  (Remember, this man already had a criminal record).

As a result of the negative publicity around Carl Freer and others, SGVTA’s services to the impoverished and disabled members of the San Gabriel Valley Community were discontinued.,0,7918364.story?coll=la-home-headlines

From the Los Angeles Times

‘Impersonating an Officer’ Charge Added to Bizarre Ferrari Case

By Richard Winton and David Pierson

Times Staff Writer

4:35 PM PDT, April 26, 2006

The Rare Ferrari Enzo

A business associate of the man accused of crashing his rare Ferrari in Malibu this year was arrested today for allegedly posing as a police officer to buy guns.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies said that Carl Freer flashed a badge from an obscure San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority and claimed he was a sworn police officer so that he could purchase guns from a dealer without the required background checks. Authorities said he also signed documents swearing he was a sworn officer.

One needs a boat to do law enforcement at sea

The detectives said they found 12 rifles and four handguns during searches of Freer’s Bel-Air estate and on his 100-foot yacht Brigatta, docked at Marina del Rey. They say at least one gun, a .44 magnum, was obtained illegally and are checking on the others.

Freer, 35, was a top executive at a failed European videogame company Gizmondo along with Stefan Eriksson, who drove the Ferrari. Eriksson has been charged with grand theft, embezzlement and DUI charges in connection with the accident.

Both men were also members of the “anti-terrorism police commission” of the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority, a small private company that provides rides to disabled people and the elderly in Monrovia and Sierra Madre. Both men were issued badges by the authority.

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said that neither Freer nor Eriksson would have been allowed to purchase guns in the United States because they are foreign nationals.

“We have a wider investigation into who was given police identification by this supposed police agency,” Whitmore said.

Meanwhile, detectives are continuing to explore why a handgun belonging to a reserve deputy for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department was found at the Bel-Air mansion.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies confiscated the gun during a raid at Eriksson’s home. Whitmore confirmed Wednesday that the .357 magnum Smith & Wesson was registered to Roger A. Davis, a Newport Beach businessman and deputy with the Orange County sheriff’s professional services division. Davis also serves on Orange County Sheriff Michael S. Carona’s Advisory Committee.

Davis was issued a permit to carry a concealed weapon by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in August 2002 for self-protection, according to public records.

The disclosure comes as Carona has come under criticism for his large expansion of the reserve deputy program, in which he has given badges — and in some cases concealed-weapon permits — to volunteers with no police training.

Staff writer Christine Hanley contributed to this story.

Watstock PTE Limited – Scam Alert!

Carl Freer‘s latest enterprise is a company called Watstock PTE Limited, based in Singapore.  He is planning to launch in Dubai in August 2017.

Carl Freer – Honestly – 85% accurate – you will make millions

Carl is presently on a global tour and believed to be a regular visitor to Dubai  – he’s on an investment round for a product that  predicts the movement of stocks and commodities over a 10 day period and claims to be 85% accurate.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who has built a solid reputation in the United Arab Emirates as a safe business and economic centre, should take note.

If you are considering investing, your minimum due diligence should be to read   the article below and check out the links.

Update:  We are pleased to announce that the Honourable Professor, who Carl Freer had falsely claimed co-founded this company, has withdrawn his support.

Update:  Seriously – if you are thinking of investing you need to do some due diligence on him.  The professor professes to have totally withdrawn support – and anyway – if this AI is so good why does he need investors.  Can’t he simply make the money using his system?  He should be a trillionaire.

Updated: 16 July 2017

Updated: 21 Jult 2017

Carl Freer: Take Him at Face Value – Lose Face and All You Value

Carl Johan Freer (DOB May 19th, 1970) first came to broad public attention in 2005,   boasting of his inherited wealth,  his self made business empire and his accomplishemnts.

Freer had neither  wealth nor empire, but he was an accomplished liar.  A scammer.

He represented himself as coming from a wealthy Swedish family with a background of commercial success and inherited riches.  He further claimed that his own business successes had resulted in his amassing a fortune.

He claimed to have sold his company to Microsoft and claimed to be a Trustee of Kings Medical Research Trust.  (Both lies of a scammer of course.)

So adept at lying was he, that spellbound journalists reported his own false narcissistic  narrative verbatim.

His silver tongue duped Bankers and Investors, who never troubled to research his background with the diligence that should be the hallmark of professionals.  They too became bewitched and repeated verbatim Carl Freer’s false accounts of his pedigree and successes.

Firms of Solicitors and Attorneys who acted for him, if they knew his true history (and surely they must have done), were apparently indifferent to the facts, and encouraged the enchanted Bankers and Investors into giving him their valuable endorsements.

Astonishingly, all of these professionals failed in their basic duty to cause proper enquiries to be made about Carl Freer, and blindly accepted him as genuine – with nightmare results. (Check out what happened to Manches – a top UK Law Firm)

Monday Productions, a Danish company, produced a six part documentary which prominently featured Carl Freer and exposed some of his fraud.     Freer’s failed attempts to gain an injunction preventing broadcast, followed by his subsequent defamation/slander case being thrown out of a Danish court, is testimony to the veracity of the expose.

Carl Freer is a degenerate scammer:-

a) He is an inveterate and proven liar.

b) He is also a proven and convicted fraudster in 3 Countries –  Germany, Sweden and France.

c) He has given the Authorities cause to arrest him in 5 different Countries.

The above statements are individually authenticated:-

i.   By the Gizmondo Europe Limited Liquidators appointed by the British Courts.

ii.   In unchallenged, published media reports.

iii.   In Monday Production’s six part documentary.

iv.   In Court Judgements against him.

Carl Freer has admitted to being a Fraudster – only because it is undeniable.  Here are some more undeniable facts.

  •  Palestine Investment Fund lost $20 million.
  • Timuir Mohamed lost $10 million.
  • Chicago Title Insurance Company and Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren lost $3.1million.
  • UK Gizmondo Europe Liquidators lost $6 million.
  • Simon Davies and David Warnock lost $26 million.
You can contact the following to gather further information.

We provide Media Links for your review.


We welcome all contributions and corrections. Please support this site with your information and encounters with Carl Freer.

Please value due diligence.