Contact Us

It is really simple to contact us completely anonymously.  Do so to provide data, links, tips and so on about Carl Freer.

All you do is post a comment ( it can be on any article) and at the top put CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT PUBLISH.

You can then say whatever you need to say.  We will not publish your data.

If you want us to contact you back, provide an email address in the comments section, and we will use that to reach you.

If you do not leave an email address and we want to contact you, we will leave a comment attempting to make contact with you.

We have had tips that have been, and are being, very useful indeed. We do our own investigation and if the data can be verified and pans out, we will share it on the site.

NOTE: In response to media interest:-

Media requests for interviews and to share data can only be accomplished if the Journalists identify their full names and credentials.  We are more than happy to be helpful but we do have to protect ourselves from the numerous threats that our friends and ex-colleagues are receiving.  

We are not Journalists.  We are due diligence and collators of decades of documentation.  We are committed to highlighting Carl Freer’s criminality until the Justice system catches up with him.

Updated: 21 July 2017