Carl Freer

Could he be your new best friend?

This page is being constructed, and when done will be a thorough time line and description of all the significant events in the life of Carl Freer – the man who ensnares and bewitches investors, universities, charities, and even officials.

We don’t want to get it wrong, and so it will go up in a week or so when we are ready.

In the meantime, please do look through the various articles we have on Carl Freer.  If you plan to associate with him in any capacity you really ought to find out who and what you are dealing with.

Probably the most revealing article we have done so far on him is this one.  It is revealing because he reveals himself in a way we could not.

Carl Freer – The Paragon of Perfection – writes preening glowing puff-pieces about himself, and then pays people to post them online

It describes how he sees himself – as perfect in every way.  Narcissim doesn’t come close to defining it.

You have seen this type of person on the talent shows that every country seems to do now.  They come on stage – full of confidence – they have a sob story to get the judges’ and audiences’ sympathy- they laugh and joke and you know they will be good – they have won everyone over before they even start.

And then they perform – in a split second everyone knows the terrible truth.   Is it funny – is it sad – is it cringeworthy?  Do you laugh or do you boo?

One thing is for sure – if you bet money they would make the finals, you know you just lost.