Carl Freer The Baby Faced Bandit

With his chubby cheeks and oversized, perfectly round, backside you could be forgiven for thinking that Carl Freer was something out of a Disney cartoon – a character created by some stoned illustrator trying just a little too hard to juxtapose an innocent little boy look with a psychopath.

A serial criminal, wanted in several countries for a range of crimes, Carl Freer moves from country to country,  bamboozling idiots who think that ‘due diligence’ means to listen attentively to and believe the yarns spun by The Baby Faced Bandit.

Having frequented Singapore for a few years, he has recently moved on to the UAE in search of ‘fresh meat’.

In these pages we will detail some of the better crimes he has committed, and allow our dear readers to have a good old chuckle at this Baby Faced Buffoon and the trail of dashed dreams and smashed things that are the wake he leaves.

For, even though he is an asshole; an incorrigible crook, liar, thief and vagabond; a man of extreme violence; a wife beater and misogynist par excellence; one has to admire him if only for the fact that to date he has evaded capture (for the most part) and has escaped the retribution he deserves and which would have befallen a lesser mortal.

When it comes to scamming people Carl Freer boasts that he is a God.  He says he makes the Mafia look like school yard bullies.  He jokes that he is smarter than a gaggle of Hells Angels, and more ornery than Hannibal Lecter on a bad day.  Carl boasts that, forget fridges, he could sell Eskimo’s snow, and sell Arabs sand.

Enjoy these pages.  Laugh about him and admire him – at a distance.  A considerable distance.  Send us your stories of your dealings with him so that others may enjoy them.

And let us know of his whereabouts and dealings that we may give people a heads up so they can hide their women, children and anything else they value.