Carl Freer – The Same Carl Freer That Scammed The Palestinian Investment Fund out of $20 Million 12 Years Ago Is Trying To Do It Again in Dubai

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – The King’s views on the Palestinian situation are clear

The website has been contacted by people claiming to be representatives of the Ruler of Dubai – His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – requesting information on Carl FreerWatstock and the Palestinian Investment Fund

We are honoured that they have done so. We have no reason to doubt that they are who they say they are – on the contrary, these are people with long memories whose allegiances were validated by the questions they asked.  Who else would have known of the fraud against the Palestinian Investment Fund, or the existence of certain documents.

In the interests of openness, we are sharing some documents with the readers of this site, and in particular the citizens of Dubai, so that they fully understood the evil in their midst. They are below and include; a link to the radio interview wherein Carl Freer did lie in order to cheat the people of the UAE; the incorporation documents for Watstock PTE Ltd;  a statement by the Professor exposing Carl Freer’s lies; and a motion filed by the Palestinian Investment Fund against Carl Freer in an attempt to regain the $20 million that it was cheated out off.

This will make more sense after you read the rest of this article.  if you have no time to do so, then minimally read the motion –Palestinian Investment Fund.   It highlights the fraud that innocent Palestinians suffered at the hands of Carl Freer, and the lengths and deviousness that he was prepared to go to target and scam Arabian peoples.

Carl Freer - Criminal and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum - King
The ConMan and the King: This recent photo shows that while Carl Freer may be copying the beard, he will never manage to look regal.

Carl Freer’s Scam on the Palestinian Investment Fund Linked with the Watstock Scam

Here is what transpired through the course of the last few days.

A genuine humanitarian doesn’t try capitalise on his good deeds. Look and Learn Carl Freer.

Representatives of the Ruler of Dubai – His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – listened to the radio show by Carl Freer where he claimed to have developed a new technology that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Extreme Learning Machines (ELM).   He claims it is able to predict the future movements of the stock market with unprecedented accuracy, making his investors millions – if not billions.

The new company is called Watstock, and Carl Freer is planning to launch it in Dubai, where he is currently furiously working to raise funds.

We were informed that His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, was initially interested because of the extraordinary claims being made by Carl Freer for this company – Watstock.

However, Carl Freer’s name was not one to be easily forgotten by those who support the Palestinian struggle.  The devastating impact of that fraud by Carl Freer left an indelible imprint in the minds of those for whom Palestine means something.   One or more of the King’s ever-alert and loyal guardsmen (we believe), operating on a hunch, reached out to us.

If they were to believe the Carl Freer narrative, this company,  Watstock, incorporated on 6 March 2017 with one sole director, has become the single most valuable piece of software in the world in about 4 months.  They were dubious.

After we provided them with evidence that Watstock is a shell company operating out of  premises rented from Regis in Singapore, they became more suspicious.

For The Record –  Neither Professor Huang Guangbin Nor the Nanyang Technological University are Affiliated With, or Working With, Watstock

From our site they learned that Professor Huang Guangbin – a leading name in AI and ELM technology – was NOT a co-founder associated with the site, and is NOT working with Carl Freer or Watstock. (Link)

Neither is the highly respected Nanyang Technological University assisting or cooperating with his ‘venture’ – despite Carl Freer’s Radio interview claims to the contrary.

But there was something more nagging at these men, and in the back and forth between discussions they suddenly had an awakening.  Was it THAT Carl Freer!!?  Could it be the same one?

The Criminal Who Keeps Repeating Successful Scams – The Palestinian Invest Fund Scam Looks Like it has a Repeat

Here was a man – a twice convicted fraudster – using his silvery tongue to bewitch and fool a prominent radio station to broadcast his message to the people of Dubai.  His message – “I have invented something incredible; the top names in the industry are affiliated with me; the banks support me; look at the evidence I have; invest now and your money will grow into a huge return – the best and safest thing you ever did.”

It is an almost identical scam to the one he used to defraud the Palestine Investment Fund.  12 years ago Carl Freer forged documents to “prove” that Microsoft was backing his ‘incredible invention’ that was going to revolutionise the world; he forged documents to “prove” that he was supported by Banks and therefore validated by their due diligence; he lied about so many things there is no space to detail them all – they are in the attached motion.  And this was all to specifically target the Palestinian Investment Fund and scam them out of $20 Million.  See the video – click to help increase the exposure of this criminal.

That Carl Freer thinks that Dubai, or perhaps Arabs in general, are a soft touch, goes without saying.

Carl Freer laughs – Well, you have to agree, it is a good scam.

Why would someone who had scammed the PLO out of that much money, feel they can come live in an Arabian country and broadcast their next scam with impunity across the nation?  Is he laughing at the citizens?

The money Carl Freer stole had been pledged to help and care for the impoverished and dispossessed in a country where they faced constant oppression.  It is one thing to scam some money out of wealthy people – it is despicable to steal from, and add to the oppression of, people who are already struggling.

A Genuine Philanthropist – why would Carl Freer try scam his people?

Carl Freer has repeatedly demonstrated over the years that he really doesn’t give a damn who he steals from.  He is currently paying for pages and pages of lying drivel to be posted on the internet to create glowing report charades ofwhat a great humanitarian and philanthropist he is.  These sites proclaim that thousands of children in Africa owe their very lives to his generosity;  he asks that you donate your old clothing . . . It is all part of an illusion that Carl Freer tries to paint of himself to facilitate his scams.

Carl Freer is no humanitarian.  He is a barbarian.  He does not protect or help the weak – he steals from them because he knows they can’t fight back.  His philanthropical thinking at best goes along the lines of, “If I take all their money they can’t buy guns and will have to do with throwing rocks at the tanks, and that is good because they are less likely to get shot.”

Although Carl Freer has been arrested in 5 different countries; has had an international arrest warrant out on him; has many millions outstanding in court awarded judgements against him; is a prime suspect in the IT Factory Fraud (which came to light in Dubai); always leaves a trail of broken dreams and destruction in his wake, he continues to evade the law.  He is as slippery as a teflon-coated, slime-covered eel.

Some Justice for the Palestinians – Please

So far in this site we have passively provided information on Carl Freer and his criminal acts and mindset.  We felt we should make facts known, but that if people do not heed the warnings and are stupid enough to fall for his lies, then so be it.

However, we feel we must now urge that action be taken.  Carl Freer is evil.  He has done evil to many people, and he plans to do more evil to many more people.  The hypocrisy, the duplicity, the brashness – that he choses to perpetrate his next crime in he Middle East – the site of a past atrocity . . .

We urge those loyal to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and we urge those sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians to ensure that justice is done.

No one else has managed to stop this man.  You can.

With the Dubai authorities assisting the Palestine Investment Fund a quick arrest would allow the matter to be heard in a court of law where real truth prevails, and would give the Fund its only viable opportunity to recover its money.

The motion we attach below is full of facts.  The facts are facts.  In the USA, using high paid lawyers with funds he stole from the Palestinian Investment Fund, Carl Freer managed to get this motion dismissed. The facts in this motion are the facts – they have yet to be heard in a court of law.

Carl Freer has come to Dubai to execute his next scam.  It is almost prophetic.

The way we see it there are two options here:

Either he will succeed and prove that, despite their reputation as astute businessmen, it is easy to scam Arabs, or

He has come to Dubai hoping to bring to an end his life of crime, to finally face his victims and to find his executioner.

Links and Further Data on Carl Freer – Scammer

Below please find the following:

Palestine Investment Fund document.  Read the first few pages at least.

Carl Freer lies on the Business Breakfast Show in Dubai

A link to the radio show.  It is of note that the hosts say they could not find anything online about Carl Freer and Watstock – he does have a remarkable ability to bewitch and confuse.  Around the 9:20 mark is where he tells the lies about the Professor and university supporting him.  If you listen to the whole thing you will not fail to be impressed by his ability to not answer the clear, intelligent, and penetrating questions the hosts ask him.

A sound bite of the lie.

The papers that prove Carl Freer is incapable of telling the truth about anything

The incorporation papers of Watstock showing that it has a sole director, all shares are owned by Carl Freer and his wife and that the Co-Founding Professor is absent from the documentation.

Data from the Professor in which he in no uncertain terms makes it clear that he is not affiliated with Carl Freer or Watstock.

The motion laying out the mechanics of the fraud perpetrated against the Palestinian Investment Fund.

His passport details for border control and any banks he tries to subvert.

This is the one – and don’t forget the tattoo

The Angel Gabriel tattoo on his forearm that provides positive identification.

The Angel Gabriel


As always, we are available to make our wealth of information available to assist in bringing Carl Freer to justice.




Updated:  20 July 2017


19 Replies to “Carl Freer – The Same Carl Freer That Scammed The Palestinian Investment Fund out of $20 Million 12 Years Ago Is Trying To Do It Again in Dubai”

  1. When you look at the record of the crimes committed this man should not be in Dubai. His Highness’s Picture must be respected and must not be used inappropriately. You’ve done a good job but please please do not add further embarrassment to our leader who is honourable and caring. Please remove the picture, I respect you to do the right thing, your kindness and respect will be appreciated.

  2. I am sure your intention was not to offend but to educate us on the history of Carl Freer, that part is done. But to insult the reader to use our blessing Kings image next to the criminal.

  3. You must remove the kings picture from your website with immediate effect. I work in a government department that will deal with Mr. Carl Freer. If the picture remains on your site I will instruct government solicitors forcing you to remove the picture.

  4. I am just one voice but my friends and colleagues who’ve seen your site are angry that this man is allowed to operate in Dubai, that he has been on the radio stations and a national newspaper, we are forgiving people a gracious people but we are not stupid. Carl Freer is something that the authorities will deal with. You must now behave yourself and remove the picture of the king, he is a leader and you disrespect him by linking into this fraudster.

  5. For decency and respect I humbly ask that you remove the Kings image from your website. We are a proud people and honoured with the Kings blessings, he deserve the respect of not being associated with Carl Freer.

  6. Thank you for your interesting article, the authorities have a watchful eye and they will take notice of your information. I myself will write to my cousins to ensure that they see the website. But respectfully I asked that you remove the Kings image it is not right to be linked with Carl Freer

  7. As a Palestinian living in Dubai I will ensure that all the Authorities are sent a link to the story. The $20 million that was stolen undoubtedly left additional hardship to the people of Palestine, I remember this story years ago I was disgusted then as I am disgusted now. The Emirate of Dubai will actively deal with Mr Freer. I have also sent the link to the story to my Palestinian friends and colleagues. Justice will be served.

  8. I think it’s very important when you’re thinking about investments to understand what technology can do. The integrity of technology is also important, Mr. Freer is clearly a criminal and I warmly welcome the article which provides the evidence this must be contrast with the counterpart of the imagery that you have mistakenly used. The King Image must not be dirty, you must not overlook or ignore the love and respect that we hold for the King. I pray that you will see in my words my hurt to see my King in the same picture with the criminal Carl Freer.

  9. Your article will feature prominently in my meetings on Monday morning. I will arrange my legal team to contact you to gather any further information.

  10. It is almost certain that your articles will lead to an investigation into Watstock and Carl Freer. I urge you not to behave badly and misuse the King’s photograph

  11. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته شكراً لتواصلكم مع النيابة العامة بدبي؛ استلمنا رسالتكم وسيتم الرد عليها خلال يومي عمل، ما لم تكن رسالة إعلانية، أو طلب وظيفة، أو رسالة عامة. ملاحظات: – الرد على الرسائل يخضع لتقييم موظفي النيابة المعنيين، وتحتفظ النيابة بحقها بعدم الرد على الرسائل الإعلانية أو غيرها من الرسائل العامة التي لا تتصل بصميم عمل النيابة (كرسائل التهنئة، ورسائل المنتديات، والرسائل الآلية ..إلخ)، مع تأكيد حرصها على إجابة كافة رسائلكم التي تنطبق عليها شروط الخدمة. – بالنسبة لطلبات الوظائف؛ الرجاء تقديمها مباشرة عبر الموقع الإلكتروني على الرابط الآتي: أو بالحضور شخصياً إلى قسم الموارد البشرية في المبنى الرئيسي للنيابة العامة. – أوقات العمل الرسمية من الأحد إلى الخميس، من 7.30 ص وحتى 2.30 م يومياً. – أيام العطل الرسمية غير متضمنة في مهلة الرد المشار إليها آنفاً. يسرنا أن تطلعوا على الخدمات الإلكترونية الذكية التي تقدمها النيابة على موقعها الإلكتروني ( والتي يمكنكم الاستفادة منها بواسطة الحاسب الآلي أو الأجهزة اللوحية أو الهواتف الذكية، ونود أن نلفت انتباهكم إلى أن أي مقترح أو رأي تقدمونه هو محل ترحيب وتقدير.

  12. This is not very factual. If you want to really be accurate make a timeline of companies, associates etc. Start from the beginning when he ran a nightclub in Sweden. This reads as conjecture, and many business guys start and stop companies. There are no specific examples. Would remove all your distaste for the guy, which many have and present the facts . He is certainly involved in things bigger than this, and I believe he has organized money , crime behind him. He has evaded the law, why, because there are others behind him. Why not try to work with the Danish IT team journalists. ?

    1. Alex – Thanks. The below is our policy.

      In response to media interest:-

      Media requests for interviews and to share data can only be accomplished if the Journalists identify their full names and credentials. We are more than happy to be helpful but we do have to protect ourselves from the numerous threats that our friends and ex-colleagues are receiving.

      We are not Journalists. We are due diligence and collators of decades of documentation. We are committed to highlighting Carl Freer’s criminality until the Justice system catches up with him.

  13. He must be in jail. He scammed our family. We moved to Singapore for specific salary, when we landed, rent for house, he cut my husband salary 50%!!! We could not leave by then! The employment agreement was fake! We waited baby to arrive! It was devistating situation! Karma bite his butt, finally!!!

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