Top UK Law Firm Manches  -v- Carl Freer

The story about Manches was first published in the Gazette in the UK, detailing how a top UK law firm was outsmarted by Carl Freer.

Manches, a prestigious UK law firm, failed to understand the nature and character of Carl Freer – their lack of due diligence and their casual documentation lead to the largest lost of fees in its history.

All Law firms dealing with Carl Freer should do so with utmost caution – demanding large retainers prior to the commencement of work, and never, ever,  working beyond the value of the retainer.

This debacle was a contributing factor in the firm’s downfall – some of the smartest legal brains have been victims of the narrative of huge profits – that the funds have been transferred which never turn up and if they do they are late and  less than expected.  Just check the article on his ‘philanthropic’ donation to the King’s Medical Research Trust.

Others have learned lessons –  in order that you don’t have to suffer the same outcome.  (See new article to learn how he scammed another lawyer by claiming his father had died!)

Manches Loss Carl Freer’s Gain





Updated:  11 July 2017

9 Replies to “Top UK Law Firm Manches  -v- Carl Freer”

  1. I guess you have to admire his ability to bullshit. He must have given the Judge a really good run for his money. Imagine if he applied that ability to some worthwhile activity – he could really be quite something. Instead he chooses a Life where he constantly has to look over his shoulder.

    1. That is Carl Freer for you. He really could have been something, but if you read his sob story about how great a businessman he is, he makes it clear that he thinks he was never given a chance. A billion dollars is not being give a chance . . . he has issues.

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