Did Carl Freer Have The Gall to Scam The US Government?

When applying for an American Visa it is required by Law to provide full and honest answers.  Would Carl Freer have the gall to scam the US Government?

The Scandinavian Media have previously, extensively,  exposed Carl Freer’s criminal behaviour.  They say that he had been arrested in 4 countries, had been fighting an International Warrant for his arrest issued by the German Authorities and had secured bail in the UK on financial terms.  The Warrant was set aside after 3 years and a Court date in Strassburg had been set. (Article here with links to media, and translations thereof.)  (Also – Carl Freer got arrested in the US – taking it to arrests in 5 countries.)

All of these actions were prior to Carl Freer’s Visa Application and there is a simple question to be answered on the application.  It has a ‘yes or no’ answer.

That question is, as you can read below on his visa application at point 38;-

 “Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offence or crime, even though subject if a pardon, amnesty, or other similar legal action?”


Carl Freer checks off the “No” box in answer to whether or not he had ever been arrested.


On Carl Freer’s Application – in responses to a question asked by the US Government – a question that has to be answered honestly – he answered, “No”.  He chose not to disclose an honest account of his previous arrests or his conviction on 2 counts of fraud in Sweden.


Carl Freer’s USA Visa – check the passport number here with the Visa Application below. Look at the date it is issued.

If there is another explanation, we would like to hear it.  We can publish these documents as the Passport belonged to the Swedish Authorities, the Visa and the Application form are owned by the American Authorities and US Government.

This information plus the documentation given to us will be forwarded to the Immigration Services and Homeland Security for their review.


Below is an excerpt from the first page of the application so you can verify it is his application.

Check the name and the passport number against the Visa.

Updated:  11 July 2017