NOT a Carl Freer Hate Site – A Due Diligence Site

Investors – do your due diligence.

We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to all the individuals who have provided their history of working for Carl Freer and his companies – and assisting us in providing links to assist due diligence.

The sources for this site are interviews, newspaper reports, television programs, books, published and unpublished documents.

We are not a hate site.  The purpose of this site it to assist those doing due diligence – people like potential investors, current and future shareholders, consumers, customers, American authorities, Singapore authorities, Swedish authorities and future employees.

As for the information requests we can provide additional background and fact-checking on a case-by-case basis.

How to Contact Us and help the due diligence quest

You can always use the confidential line we initially set up – simply post a comment on any blog.  You do not need to give a name and email as these are not required.  In the first line state that your comment is not for publication or is confidential.   Then say what you want to say, embed whatever you want to send us, or attach photos or docs.

All comments are moderated.   We will not publish anything, nor divulge any details, where you have asked that we not do so.

The only downside is that – unless you provide an operational email address – we cannot contact you if we feel we need to corroborate data or if we have a question or two.

Please leave an email address.   Be assured that your email address will never ever be used for anything other than in conjunction with this site.  Your details are as secure as they ever could be.

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