Carl Freer Donation Scam Applied To Georgia Tech

He just had to do the King’s Medical Trust donation scam on Georgia Tech

After successfully scamming the King’s Medical Research Trust with the promise of a large donation that was never to be realised, Carl Freer had to do the donation scam again – why not – worked once and so should work again.  Promise lots of money – lots of press releases about your largess and generosity – use the improved reputation to dupe gullible investors to further your own ends – keep the lie alive by continuing to claim to be a philanthropist.

This time it was to be a sizeable donation to Georgia Tech for research into augmented reality – false reality/augmented reality – is there a difference in Carl Freer’s mind?

Here is $5 Million for research – Oh, it didn’t materialise – well that’s the harsh reality – but why not augment that reality and see if you can’t make it simply appear  – Can’t do that? – can’t magic money out of thin air?  – Carl can – he made a $5 Million donation to you and you bought it – or was that just an illusion?

The story of this generous and benevolent donation is oft told by the media – more often told by Mr Freer – when he is trying to impress new victims investors.

No Due Diligence with Carl Freer . . .  Get Stained

It is not as though Carl Freer was an unknown gangster in 2008.  Simple due diligence would have revealed enough of his past crimes – arrests – failings – theft – to raise a red flag or two – and yet Georgia Tech – a proud and highly regarded institute – which hadn’t received enough money to even buy a bottle of detergent – was left trying to scrub out the stains of its association with Carl Freer.

That is the problem with stains – they don’t come out – that is why they are called stains.

If you don’t want to be Freer stained, do some due diligence on Carl.  Confirm the above – contact Georgia Tech and ask them about his donation scam.

Georgia Institute of Technology,  North Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30332,  Phone: 404-894-2000

Here are some links and excerpts thereof.

Media Power Inc. (A Carl Freer Company) Donates US$5 Million for Augmented Reality Research at Georgia Tech.

“Augmented Reality is one of the most exciting technologies available today. Thus far, it has only existed in the research lab. It is our intention to commercialize the technology and make it available to the public at large. Augmented Reality offers us the opportunity to create an entirely new advertising paradigm,” said Carl Freer, Media Power Co-Founder and Visionary.

About Media Power Inc

Media Power Inc is a unique tech company that develops consumer and business products based on Augmented Reality technology (AR) and other advanced systems. Media Power has two divisions: Magitech and, and provides a range of high-tech goods and marketing services for several clients. For more information visit

Another link


Summary: Carl Freer condemned by the courts as a serial fraudster and a liar – guilty of deception on grand scale – decides to repeat the donation scam on Georgia Tech – this story is often repeated within the media – the final verdict was they received nothing.


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