Is He Inflicted With the Self-Imposed Disease of Insatiable Megalomania?

Not much is genuine about Carl Freer
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Imagine being a megalomaniac – trying to build a company of your own –  failing miserably.  Imagine realising that you simply do not have what it takes to envision, create, manage and build something – but you are a megalomaniac.

You have choices.  Learn from your mistakes, roll your sleeves up and try again; persevere and overcome until you do, truly, succeed.  Or, scam and steal from those who are successful.

If your every waking moment was consumed by an overwhelming compulsion to be rich, powerful, admired, respected, famous, and feared . . .   What if you thought these things were your right – not something you earned?  What choice to make?  Which do you think Carl Freer made?

Despite having no formal education, Carl Freer can nonetheless sound like he does. He can expound upon the intricacies of company finances – disgorging a complicated tangle of facts – figures, names and relationships all designed to bamboozle his audience – guide them to total non-comprehension.

Once you are in the centre of his web he will pull all the right strings and convince you that he is a victim of Internet black PR.

Carl Freer Scams the King’s Medical Research Trust

Here is one example.  He will inform you that only individuals of substance are invited to become members of the Board of Trustees for King’s Medical Research Trust – and then say that he is such a person.

Except – he promised a $6 million donation – Trustee appointment documents were prepared – the Trust’s brochures and letterhead revised to include Carl Freer’s name – the terms of his appointment and the size of his donation took some time to negotiate – unsurprisingly he never sent the donation – he never signed the trustee documents – yet he claims to be a Trustee.  (He later repeated this scam on Georgia Tech University and Canterbury University in New Zealand.)

It became clear subsequently that they had not considered it necessary to conduct careful research into Carl Freer’s background  – an astonishing lapse on their part.  A lapse that too many others seem to have had too.

The Carl Freer Stain Does Not Wash Out

This prestigious institution is forever stained with his association with the convicted fraudster Carl Freer.

The highly regarded Sunday Times newspaper reported that Carl Freer had lied to boost his reputation by publicly announcing that he was a Trustee on the Board of Kings Medical Research Trust.

The below link shows that in 2005 – years after the fact of his having fooled the King’s Medical Research Trust – he still claimed to be a trustee.  These are official documents filed in the USA.  Page 20.  This is the relevant excerpt.

“Mr. Freer, age 35, has served as Chairman since August 2004 and has been Managing director of the Company’s Gizmondo Europe Ltd. subsidiary based in the UK since summer of 2003. He was the founder in 1999 of Eagle Eye Scandinavian Ltd. that was acquired by the Company in February 2002. He founded and served as Sales Director of ARE Media AB, a private media sales company in Stockholm, a Director of Performance Films SA, a film production company in Malaga, Spain and a Director of Rivera Auto Forum, a specialty auto dealership in Cannes, France.  Mr. Freer is a director of WEG Entertainment and a trustee of several charities, including Kings Medical Research Trust.”

The next link, to a puff piece for him, claims that Carl Freer is still a trustee.  It is dated March 2017.

This is what this one says:

“Carl Freer is a person who is supporting charity and public services very much. He has provided aid to people in various fields including the medical and education. Carl Freer was a Director of WEG Entertainment and holds the position of a trustee of several charities, including the Kings Medical Research Trust. As a victim of Internet defaming, Carl Freer is trying hard to retain his power and trust among others. He is providing his services on charity and other services in technology fields now also.”  

Please do your own due diligence.  This is Charity Number  200539.  You can see who the Trustees are.  You will find phone numbers to call and ways to contact the trust – where you can verify if Carl Freer is, or ever was, a Trustee.