The Blind Gullible Leading the Gullible Blind

Carl Freer is neither a successful businessman nor a pillar of morality.  He preys on the gullible.

A Master illusionist, he makes an Investor see things that do not exist – with all the right buzz words – a man of tremendous charm, which helps explain why so   
many people are drawn to him – Some seem to have been mesmerised by him, talking about him almost as if he were a religious figure.

Carl Freer’s most important props are not the fancy offices, expensive clothes and watches, nor the financial/technological jargon that spills from his mouth – but his most valued assets/props are respectable and/or wealthy associations – Carl skilfully manipulates the expectations and beliefs of the new Investors which he has targeted – They see the associations as friends/supporters – if men and women like this are behind Carl Freer and his new business, it has to be a solid investment.

When the deceptions are exposed some of these companies turn out to be artfully contrived business plans; some with front men, some with non-existing capital, and some with profits manufactured out of thin air.  It is an optical illusion, a mirage in the desert. Link

Carl Freer’s American Companies

This is a list of his American companies for those amongst you who value due diligence –

With the rate of failure of the above named companies Investors should be sceptical regarding Carl Freer‘s new companies – especially those which claim to predict future stock market and commodity movements – Watstock PTE. Ltd, Watopedia PTE. Ltd and Intelligentia PTE. Ltd.    All are registered companies in Singapore and open to public inspection by using the ACRA Singapore Business Database.

Check  them out yourself here:


8 Replies to “The Blind Gullible Leading the Gullible Blind”

  1. I guess he is good at predicting the performance of companies – his at any rate.

    He can guarantee with 100% certainty that they will fail! Amazing perspicacity for one so young! He can also guarantee that no employee will ever get paid.

  2. Someone pass me the link I’m so pleased they did, I’ve sent you some documents. lots of staff got ripped off in his companies, glad when I heard he was in Singapore. Please research the IT FACTORY SCAM.

    1. Thank you. I loved the pics and used one today. The comments are moderated – which means that they will not be displayed unless approved by one of us. Please could you provide an email address so that I can contact you privately. Just write very clearly on the comment “Not for Publication” and no one else will see it.

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