Friends and Associates

Carl Freer’s Friends and Associates

Carl Freer is a convicted fraudster, but even fraudsters need a web of compliant or gullible people around them – friends.

We know he is associated with Ulab, Aluminaid (now called AFAR), Gizmondo, Getfugu, Media Power, Xero mobile, iQnect and now the new big one – Watstock PTE Ltd – and these companies have produced income or allowed themselves to be involved with Carl Freer’s so-called “business activities”.

Key Friends and Associates

You don’t always get to meet Carl Freer as the face of a company, therefore it is important to know who his friends and associates are – and you should carry out your own due diligence of these individuals.

If you recognise any of these names as being connected with your venture in any way, pay heed to the alarm bells.

Joe Marten, Rich Jenkins, Allan Loh, Steve Carroll, Roger Davis, James Hunt, Jason Irwin, Mikael Ljungman, Serg Ludvig, Bjorn Huglund,  and Professor Huang Guangbin from Nanyang Technological University.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Check out our video of the Gizmondo launch.